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TFM04-8Product Physical Data
(3)、Air Permeability:90-150dm3/m2/s
(4)、Warp Tensile Force:1600N/5×20cm
(5)、Weft Tensile Force:1800N/5×20cm
(6)、Working Temperature:300-350℃
(7)、Filtration wind speed:0.8m/min
(8)、Service life:1.5 year

TFM04-8(basalt filter media): It is our company’s brand new product of multi-functions. Its basic layer is composed of continuous basalt fibers, and its surface is composed of PTFE fibers and basalt fibers and further treated with PTFE. Basalt fibers are a basic ore formed by the rock magma, a hard and compact volcanic rock of deep color, the main mineral substance of which is plagioclase feldspar and the main chemical composition is tri-hydrogen ammonia. They feature high intensity, high temperature resistance, anticorrosion and low ratio of extension. Its filter bags have the following characteristics:
· Mechanical strength is high. Intensity of stretch and break is usually above 3000N.
· Extension ratio is low. The extension ratio of basalt fibers is only 3%, so their filter bags have a stable size.
· They have a fine mechanical property and a long-term usage under the temperature of 760℃. The usage temperature of the compound filter media can break 300℃ and reach 350℃, with an instant temperature up to 400-450℃。
· They have a fine anticorrosion property and can be used in an acid and alkali gas atmosphere.
· They have a high fabric void percentage, a smooth surface and a good permeability. Their non-carrying pressure damage is only 2Pa.
· They have a high dust-receiving efficiency up to 99.5%-99%, especially efficient for dust particle with a diameter below 0.5 mm.
· They are highly compatible with the dust content density of haze.
· They have a big haze and dust disposal capacity, a convenient management and maintenance, and an easy dust-cleaning.
· They have a long service life and a wide application in industries like bitumen, carbon black, steel and iron smelting, sintering furnace, copper, lead and other non-ferrous metals, filtration of poisonous gas, recycling of chemical materials, dust-removal and filtration of thermoelectricity generation and so on.

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