About Us

     Melong Environment Protection Filter Material Technology(Yingkou)Co.,Ltd.is a science and technology company limited based on Yingkou Fiberglass Co.,Ltd. The company, with advanced technologies and equipment, and a professional technical and administrative team, can develop and manufacture various special-purpose filter materials with high adaptability according to the engineering designs and jobsite demands.

      The company has strong ability of manufacture, development and design. High-temperature filter materials of the company are the best products to the purgation of fume in steel, smelting, carbon-black, cement, refuse incineration, power plant, calcium carbide furnace, coal boiler and bitumen agitation industries. The major products of the company consist of three series as follow:

     1.C and E fibergsall, E-Glass Fiber yarn, High-Temperature Fiberglass cloth*Fiberglass bulked cloth and Fiberglass needle-punched felt.

     2.Multifunction Composite Filter Felt Series products.

     3.High-Medium-Low temperature chemical fiber filter felt series products.       The high-temperature fiberglass filter bag made the company won the Award of the national Science & Technology Conference.

     All these products have had a wide application in steel, smelting, carbon black, chemical, electrical power, refuse incineration, bitumen agitation and calcium carbide industries, that are used in the recovery of industrial products and the purgation of fume. The products have been well received by the users in China, United States, India, Iran and so on, and have enjoyed good reputation at home and abroad. The company has insisted upon technological progress and laid stress on the development and applications of new products. We, with our best products and services, will cooperate sincerely with the partners at home and abroad.

A pleasant cooperation between us!